Relating to Grief

a three-part series

Who is this for?

This group is for anyone who is seeking extra support with grief and loss during the holiday season.

This could include death, ending of friendships or relationships, miscarriage + infertility, disease, illness, aloneness, change + life transitions… no grief is too big or too small.


Sunday Evenings: December 4, 11 + 18


1170 Broad Street (in person), Suite 102


$250 (eligible for insurance coverage)

By Registration Only – No drop-ins
Limited space.
Attendance in all classes is requested.

Facilitated by:

Kellsey Calhoon, Registered Psychologist and Art Therapist Trainee

About the Group

Grief is one of the most painful yet authentic human experiences we can have.

It is a pain that we simply cannot out-think or ‘get over’.

The deeper we love, the deeper the pain can be when there is a loss.

As we approach the holiday season, our grief can become overwhelming. It can feel like something we need to hide, shrink or be alone with while everyone else around us is seemingly joyful and filled with holiday cheer.

We might not feel we have the space or capacity to experience and express the deep loss or loneliness we feel during this season of connection.

So, together, we come into community to hold space for ourselves and each other as we seek to relate to our grief.

“Relate to our grief”: What does this mean?

Simply, it means we make space for it. We allow it. We learn how to move through its harsh, thrashing waves.

We honour it.

This is the medicine.

Within a safe, brave and supportive container we:

share from the heart
make art
express what is present for us
make + hold space
witness: ourselves + others

Please complete the form below, or e-mail us at,  if you are interested in signing up, or would like more info!

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