Inner Light: Solstice and Full Moon Mini Retreat

Reconnect to your inner light and embrace the transformative power of the summer solstice and strawberry full moon.

This 3-hour mini retreat is designed to guide you to attune to these powerful rhythms of nature in order to more deeply attune to yourself.

Guided by the themes of summer solstice and the full moon in Capricorn, we will engage in a deep process of exploring new beginnings, realignment, inner nourishment, gratitude, celebration and abundance.

We will explore these themes through:

  • intention setting
  • yoga and movement
  • guided meditation
  • arts and expressive arts
  • collective sharing and reflection
  • nourishing snacks and tea

Dates + Times

Saturday, June 22

9am-12 noon


1170 Broad Street, Regina, SK

(In-Person @_theheartcenter)



(covered by most insurance providers)

Guided By:

Kellsey Calhoon

Registered Psychologist, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, Art Therapist, Expressive Arts Therapist


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