Integrative Psychotherapy

Individual therapy offers an opportunity for more in-depth and integrative support in navigating challenging human experiences and seeking healing, change and transformation.

Our aim is to create safe & courageous spaces for exploration and vulnerability, where you can be real and can leave feeling deeply seen, heard and known.  

From this place, we believe it is possible to experience connection, growth, healing and wholeness within oneself. 


Our Approach to Mental Health

We address mental health through a holistic lens, and seek to bring awareness to psychological, physical, creative, spiritual, intellectual and social needs in order to facilitate growth & healing.

In alignment with the mission of This Human Thing, we seek to re-humanize mental health. We are inclusive, trauma-informed, anti-racist and anti-oppressive. We recognize that labels are healing for some, and harmful for others, and we seek to speak in a language that aligns with you. 

 While we recognize and treat diagnosed mental illnesses, we also recognize that the dominant system primarily puts responsibility for healing on the individual, and often neglects to examine collective & intergenerational trauma, systemic oppressions, and environmental & societal injustices. 

Without this awareness, we may spend our time striving to be “normal” in a flawed system, rather than focusing on what matters most to us and living out our fullest potential in line with our own sovereignty. 

What Can We Support With

We support individuals who are navigating challenging intra-personal, interpersonal & transpersonal human experiences. This may include:


– relating to self –



deep sadness

trauma & wounding

stress, overwhelm & burnout

grief & loss

emotional regulation & self-soothing




suicidal ideation & self-harm

(dis)embodiment  (disconnection from the body), body image, & disordered eating

 purpose & creativity

 core beliefs



– relating to others –

connection & communication

safety, conflict & abuse


judgment (from or towards others)


coping with oppression

identifying/expressing needs & boundaries


– relating beyond

existential crisis

spiritual experiences & emergencies

non-ordinary & higher states of consciousness

psychedelic integration *

We support the integration of psychedelic experiences that you have had outside of the therapy setting. We do not provide substances to you or supervise you during a psychedelic experience.

How We Can Support You

We are not experts on what is best for you. We are here to help you walk your path and believe that only you can heal yourself.

Our role is to guide you to connect more deeply to your inner resources, and to offer you the support, validation, education, strategies, and fresh perspective you may need along the way.

We incorporate a variety of different therapeutic approaches and tools to fit your individual needs. We draw from art, expressive arts, somatic, cognitive and spiritual practices, and often work multimodally.

Who Can Support You

As of right now, we have one therapist offering integrative psychotherapy through This Human Thing, and there is currently a waitlist. Click on the image below for background and booking information.

Please visit the Local Resources page for a list of other local mental health support.

Kellsey Calhoon (she/her)

Kellsey Calhoon (she/her)

Registered Psychologist, Art Therapist Trainee

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