Intuitive Expressions



Intuitive Expressions is back just in time to help you flow into 2024 with intention.

Unleash your creativity and intuition by utilizing breath work, creative movement, yoga, and art – while listening to curated music by a live DJ.

Jason (with ZenHouse Productions) will spin the tunes through Sound Off Experience technology (think Silent Disco!) and lead you through a guided movement process.

From there, Kellsey (with This Human Thing) will lead you through an intuitive painting process.

The result: meeting yourself in a deeper way.


All are welcome!


Next Date: Friday, December 29, 2023


1170 Broad Street (in person), Suite 102 “The Heart Center”


$60 (may be eligible for reimbursement)

Why/How does it work?:

The Sound off experience is an immersive audio experience with the use of wireless sound isolating headsets where each participant is given there own pair of sound isolating headsets. All Audio and instruction are transmitted through the headsets simultaneously giving each participant full control over their level of volume and experience.

Our intuitive painting experience focuses on the process, not the product. The intention is to paint from within and see what wants to be expressed – rather than painting with something specific in mind. The music and movement process leading up to this allows us to become embodied and open up to this painting process.

This process is beautiful in many ways: it allows us to connect to our creativity and intuition, and allows us to face whatever is lying beneath the surface.This is a deeply therapeutic process, and although fun, can also bring up heavy feelings.

Kellsey Calhoon

Kellsey Calhoon

Registered Psychologist, Art Therapist, Yoga Teacher

Jason Sazinski

Jason Sazinski

Yoga Teacher and DJ (SoundOff Experience)

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