Meet Ila


My Role with This Human Thing:

I facilitate therapeutic groups with This Human Thing as a Registered Psychologist. Currently, I am co-facilitating the Therapeutic Book Club on Monday nights!

My Approach to My Work:

I hold a deep belief in our inborn healing intelligence and inner wisdom.

In working with clients, it is my goal to provide validation, hold space, offer perspective, and empower individuals to connect with their innate healing capacity to develop more clarity and peace in their body, mind, and soul.

I provide trauma-informed integrative psychotherapy that draws from psychodynamic, person-centered, transpersonal, and expressive therapies.

Why I Do it?

I have a passion for supporting people as they navigate connecting with their incredible, inborn healing intelligence. It’s my honour to be a witness to your growth, connection, reflection, healing, understanding, resolution, release, creation, feeling (the list goes on…)

How You Can Work With Me:

Keep an eye on the group and workshop offerings through This Human Thing by clicking here. 

I also offer 1-on-1 integrative psychotherapy through my own private practice (currently waitlist only). Click Here for more info. 



My name is Ila and I will share more soon!

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