Meet Jessica



My name is Jessica Calhoon, and I work as a Registered Nurse. Like many, the hospital setting often leaves me wanting more. While I find deep value in my work, I’ve always sensed a profound, yet somewhat indescribable misalignment. I’ve felt a yearning to contribute on a more holistic and compassionate level, beyond the constraints of the hospital setting. Early motherhood has cracked me open (as it tends to do), deepening my personal self-discovery journey. I believe I can offer something different, something that goes beyond the conventional, and I’m eager to uncover what that is. I am beyond stoked to dip my toes into the beauty that is “This Human Thing”.


My Role with This Human Thing

My current role with This Human Thing is as a Connection Coordinator. In this role, it is my job to build bridges and foster meaningful connections between you and the support you are seeking. I know that it can be uncomfortable starting out a healing journey, and it is my intention to make this as seamless for you as possible!

My Approach to My Work:

My approach centers around a commitment to compassion and empathy, and a focus on the little things that have big impact. My enthusiasm lies in aligning with the vision for This Human Thing – helping each other live our most authentic lives.

Why I Do It?

Parenthood (and getting a bit older) has made me reassess things, nudging me to find a sweet spot between work and my personal life that fits with my goals. Motherhood serves as a vivid reminder of life’s swift pace, creating an ideal moment to jump into a work environment that has the potential to be that “something more” – something that connects with my own spiritual journey.

How Can You Work With Me?

You will likely be ‘working with me’ without even knowing it! For now, I will be in the background, helping with e-mails, bookings, organizing, building relationships, etc. But I look forward to increasing my involvement in the future.

Hope to see you in the e-mails!


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