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My name is Stephen Olshefsky (he/him), M. Sc., R. Psych (Provisional). Skip is my preferred name. I am 46, cis-gay man, an immigrant to Canada, and have lived in Regina with my family since 2015. I have a passion for learning, teaching, and fitness. I am an avid erg rower, and I am closing in on my 5 million-meter rowing mark. In the evenings, I typically enjoy an evening walk with my two dogs (Lucy and Lady), watching American Dad, Family Guy, and Bob’s Burgers. One of my future goals is to read Moby Dick, but only after I complete and defend my dissertation in 2024.

Working with students
Reading about sex, sexuality, and gender
My dogs!
Fitness training

My Role with This Human Thing

At This Human Thing, I am here to learn and practice individual psychotherapy (under the supervision of a Registered Psychologist until I am fully registered), facilitate sexual and emotional well-being group sessions, and work to create connections within oneself and with others. My focus is sex, sexuality, and gender – and every messy thing that goes those concepts (anxiety, shame, etc…)

I have been trained in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), however my focus is on acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT).

Life is messy, at time sticky, and murky… but you don’t have to muck through it alone. I have a great pair of muck boots and I would be privileged to have opportunity to transverse the sticky, messy, murky, muck with you.

Life is messy – it can be more fun that way. Let me know where I can help.

My Approach to My Work:

How can I help? My approached is centered around you. It’s your journey, you let me know where you want assistance.

Our world is full of social expectations and gender stereotypes – you are human and unique. Everything about you deserves compassion, love, and respect. You are allowed to be who you want to be. You are allowed to have every emotion that you feel, you are allowed to be you…whoever that is.

My approach to mental health is forging a path to assist you in identifying your values, challenging your thoughts and behaviors that sway you from those values. Typically, these thoughts are often expressed as shame and guilt. The anxiety you feel is real. Is it preventing you from experiencing your values the way you want? My goal is to create greater connectivity within yourself and within your life.

I seek to create meaningful space to foster patience, self-compassion, and emotional exploration. As one’s self-congruency grows, we become more psychologically flexible to permit our human experience (the good and the bad) to exist the way we can feel comfortable in experiencing it.

Life is challenging, life is changing, neither are easy. However, with flexibility and congruency, we can achieve greater connection internally and externally and accept challenge and change. As we talk, we will explore and identify where connection is broken, provide and teach you tools that will help rebuild and maintain connection, and to help you build long-term strategies that sustain your connectivity to your world.

Why I Do It?

I believe that everyone is a refraction of light that reflects multiple colors – we are not binary, physically or psychologically. We are not simple biological beings. We multifaceted complex organisms that require acceptance, belonging, love… the way we deserve it.

In the correct angle, your refraction is a bright rainbow that is full of awe – a spectacle of Being. In my past, I have experienced tragic world changing events – ground zero of Sept 11, 2001; been discharged from the military due to me accepting my sexuality; been shamed by religion and others for not conforming; been bullied for being different; experienced the life routes less travelled; found myself homeless and hungry… Indeed, life can be challenging and overwhelming.

Yet in the same life, I have experienced great feats of success in finding a career, achieved the ability to be compassionate and flexible, sought and found comfort when life was full of angst, and forged paths when roads were blocked. I have been successful with help and I know that you can be too.

I do this because I know how messy, murky, and dark life can be when we feel alone.

I do this, so you don’t have to be alone and afraid.

I do this because I believe that you are good enough!

I will help you on your journey, although difficult, but certain to find that perfect angle to be the rainbow that you are!

How Can You Work With Me?

You can work with me by attending one-on-one counselling with me or through group offerings. I am currently accepting new clients, and you can best reach me through:

Formal Education, Training & Credentials

What I’ve Done

  • Master of Science in Psychology – Southern New Hampshire University
  • Master of Science in Microbiology – Montana State University
  • Seminary coursework – Lutheran Theological Seminary
  • Certificate in Advanced Care Emergency Medical Technician – Hudson Valley Community College
  • Bachelor of Art in Psychology – John Jay College of Criminal Justice
  • Associate of Art in Women’s Literature – Borough of Manhattan Community College
  • Electronic Warfare Technician in the United States Air Force (previous active duty)
  • Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST)

What I’m Doing

  • Doctor of Counselling Psychology (PsyD) – California Southern University (In Progress)
  • Dissertation working title: How the term sex addiction impacts gay men’s sexual identity and self-actualization. (In Progress)
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy – ACTMindfully (In Progress)
  • Certification in Sexual Therapy – American Association of Sexual Educators, Counsellors, and
    Therapists (AASECT) (In Progress)

What I’d Love To Do

  • Continue education in sexual therapy with a focus on sexual congruency in LGBTQ2+ individuals.
  • Work with individuals who are experiencing shame and guilt.
  • Provide safe space to express oneself

Job Titles

  • Registered Provisional Psychologist #1233 (under supervision of Kellsey Calhoon, M. Ed., R. Psych #970
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