Our Mission: Expanded Version

At This Human Thing, our aim is to re-humanize mental health by collectively embodying authentic aliveness.

We seek to challenge the notion of “normal” when it comes to mental health.

Human suffering is an inherent part of life.

So is human diversity.

We seek to soften the black-and-white rigid lines of what is “normal” and return to the wholeness of the rich, beautiful, dynamic continuum of human experience.

And, part of our work is to challenge each other to look at how we may shame or judge ourselves or others based on a pretense of “normal” – which only shuts down healing, connection and safety. 

We seek to support others to relate to their human suffering in an authentic and courageous way.

Our conditioning, wounding and trauma can deeply affect the way we act, feel, think, and be in the world. These experiences can create patterns that can shape us and how we view each other.

But they don’t define us.

If we can learn how to better relate to our suffering, and un-learn the unhelpful or limiting things we have been taught, we can step more fully into an authentic expression of aliveness.

We provide connections, tools, and resources to help support this movement. 

And, we create inclusive spaces that foster courage, connection and creativity so that this work can occur. 

We greet ours and others’ experiences with warmth, curiosity, and a desire to understand, so that we can (re)connect to ourselves and each other more deeply.

We seek to bring people together and connect to the elements of humanity that we share:

the desire to love and be loved, to be seen, to be heard, to be known, to be happy, to heal, to grow, to belong, to find peace, to feel alive.

We are all here, trying our best to figure out this human thing.

Our Approach To Mental Health

We address mental health through a holistic lens, and seek to bring awareness to psychological, physical, creative, spiritual, intellectual and social needs in order to facilitate growth & healing.

In alignment with the mission of This Human Thing, we seek to re-humanize mental health. We are inclusive, trauma-informed, anti-racist and anti-oppressive. We recognize that labels are healing for some, and harmful for others, and we seek to speak in a language that aligns with you. 

 While we recognize and offer treatment for diagnosed mental illnesses, we also recognize that the dominant system primarily puts responsibility for healing on the individual, and often neglects to examine collective & intergenerational trauma, systemic oppressions, and environmental & societal injustices. 

Without this awareness, we may spend our time striving to be “normal” in a flawed system, rather than focusing on what matters most to us and living out our fullest potential in line with our own sovereignty. 

Some sources that have influenced & informed our perspective on mental health:

Nirali Shah 

214 – Conly Basham Self & daniel jacob self 

Gabor Mate – The Myth of Normal

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