The Art of Wintering

For many of us, winter can be a difficult time as we try to ‘human’ amongst the icy cold temperatures, short days, and little sunlight.

This ‘outer’ winter can also be reflected as an ‘inner’ winter – a season sometimes met with heaviness, slowness and difficulty within.

In our society, it seems to be a ‘norm’ to continue to be energized, productive and enlivened all year round.

“The Art of Wintering” retreat is an invitation to move with the rhythm and wisdom of winter, dropping into introspection, nourishment, slowness and self-care and connecting with the heavier, more shadowy sides of ourselves.

Your Experience Will Include:

  • Embodied Movement
  • Expressive Arts
  • Inquiry + Reflection
  • Ayurvedic Wisdom for Winter
  • Yoga Nidra Practice
  • Sound Healing
  • Sacred Tea Ceremony
  • A warm lunch, nourishing snacks and beverages

For Who:
All are welcome (16+)
No experience needed

1170 Broad Street, Regina, SK
The Heart Center

Saturday, January 27, 2024


$250 (includes lunch)

(This may be free for you, as it is covered by most insurance providers) 

Guided By:

Kellsey Calhoon
Registered Psychologist, Art Therapist, Yoga Teacher + Expressive Arts Therapist

Nicole Harrison – Rest Doula – Yoga Nidra Meditation facilitator

Samantha Tran – Tea Ceremony Facilitator

Leah López – Ayurvedic Nutrition and Wellbeing, Reiki Master + Sound Therapy


If you are interested in attending, you can:
1) Sign up through
2) Complete the form below, or
3) E-mail us at


I am interested in:

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