"Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be?"

- Charles Bukowski


Welcome to The Unravelling:

A conscious process of peeling away
the layers that have disconnected you
from who you really are.

Within this trauma-informed group container,
it is our mission to unravel and unlearn our conditioning
so that we can embody our authenticity,
embrace our aliveness
and call our parts back into wholeness.

We meet ourselves and each other
with curiosity and compassion,
while also taking responsibility
for the parts that are more difficult to own.

We will support this unwinding through
deep inquiry, somatic/embodiment work,
arts and expressive arts
and witnessing + being witnessed.

We have two paths to support you:

1) The Initiation:
This is for folks who are new to the Unravelling process.

2) The Deepening:
This is for folks who have attended our Initiation process and are ready to go deeper.

Who is this for?

  • People who are feeling called to deepen their connection to their authentic selves and sense of being alive. 
  • Folks who are already along their path of self-discovery and have the capacity to do depth work. 
  • Participants who are well-resourced, preferably already working with a trained mental health professional. It is important to have a safe container outside of this group to work with content that arises. 
  • People who have the time, energy and readiness to commit to the full process during this period of their lives.

Who is this not for?

  • Due to the de-stabilizing nature of depth work, this process is not suitable for folks who are just beginning to do inner work.

  • This process is not suitable for people who want a quick fix.

Areas of Exploration:

In this group, we will explore our core/internalized beliefs and core wounds (mother + father wounds, abandonment wounds, attachment wounds, trauma).

We will look at our relationships (to ourselves and our higher selves, our loved ones, our bodies, sex, money).

We will work on embodying difficult emotions (such as shame, grief, disgust, anger, joy – anything that is hard for you to experience).

We will seek to create a deeper connection to ourselves and to others. We will work on self-compassion, self-expression, self-trust and self-soothing. We will work on improving a sense of embodiment and connection to body wisdom.

The Container:

In The Initiation, we will meet 8 times throughout a 2.5 month container, for two hours at a time. In The Deepening, we will meet 12 times throughout a 5 month container.

We will take breaks in between some weeks to allow for further integration.

In between sessions, there will be practices and reflections to continue to aid the process of raising consciousness, while unwinding and unhooking from conditioning.

This process takes place in person at The Heart Center on Treaty 4 in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Dates + Times:

The Initiation:

Now Accepting Applications for Our Next Cohort:

Sundays from 1-3pm (except July 7)
April 28, May 5, 12, 26, June 2, 16, 23, July 7, 2024
*July 7 time negotiable by group*

The Deepening:

Spring 2024
(Must have attended the Initiation to join)


The Initiation:

The total cost for the full process is $1000 and is covered by most insurance providers in Saskatchewan (including NIHB).

Payment plans available.

The Deepening:

The total cost for the full process is $1500 and is covered by most insurance providers in Saskatchewan (including NIHB).

Payment plans available.

Facilitated By:

Kellsey Calhoon, Registered Psychologist, Art Therapist and Yoga Teacher. 

Registration Info:

This group will be small, in order to offer the containment needed to do this deep work.

Registration is accepted on an application basis. This is to ensure participants are prepared to do this deep work, and that the group dynamic is a good fit. 

Please complete the application form:

The Intention: Answering the Call

We are here because we long to feel more alive.
We desire to find more peace within ourselves
and with others.
We seek relief and safety
and to accept ourselves for all that we are.

We need something to shift.

We feel ready and willing (and perhaps terribly afraid) to turn within.
To reconnect to ourselves.
To find greater understanding,
greater meaning
and healing.

So, personally and collectively, we dive deep.
We hold space for each other and we are held.
We co-create a space that is inclusive and courageous.
A space that facilities vulnerability, discovery, and consciousness raising. 

We trust the process.

We look ourselves in the eyes.
Face our wounds and conditioning.
Say “Hello” to our shadow.
Catch a glimpse of the One beneath all those layers.

We remember.

We look others in the eyes.
See and be seen.
Find empathy and understanding,
take ownership
and connect to our common humanity.

Things start to open.
Feelings flow.
Fear fades.
Relief comes.
A sense of safety returns within.

We leave with a deeper connection to ourselves and others.
More space.
More hope.
Heart is re-opening.

Something is different.

Something has changed.

If you have any questions, please complete the form below, or e-mail us at contact@thishumanthing.com.

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