Self-Care for Teachers

3-Part Series

Hello Teachers! We know you’ve had one hell of a year, so we created a 3-part self-care series to help you unwind, recharge, and prepare for the fall.

Each session is designed with a specific intention in mind:

Session 1: Let Go + Unwind
(July 3, 6-8pm)

Being a teacher is hard. It is often difficult to decompress at the end of the year and get into summer mode. In session 1, we will kick off your summer by reflecting on the year and closing that chapter.

Together, we will find ways to complete the stress cycle and move into summer through practices of physical and emotional letting go.


-Movement through yoga
-Journalling + reflection
-Connection with like-minded humans

Session 2: Rest + Recharge
(July 17, 6-8pm)

Once we are in the swing of summer, we want to intentionally set aside time for true self care, which is about embracing rest and recharging in a way that aligns with your values.

Together, we will practice self-care strategies that actually work. By tapping into our internal world, we will move, create, and breathe with the intention of healing our stress and spending the rest of summer doing things that energize us.


-Movement through yoga
-Meditation + reflection
-Somatic processing

Session 3: Ground + Prepare
(August 21, 6-8pm)

As teachers head back to work, it is easy to forget all the self-care practices that we enjoyed doing in the summer.

Together, we will explore how you can ground yourself before beginning the year. We will focus on learning how to make time for self-care throughout the year and design a practice that lasts.


-Grounding through breathwork, embodiment practices + reflection
-Creative expression + creating a mantra
-Goal-setting + habit planning

How we will support you:

-Meditation and mindfulness
-Yoga and movement
-Embodiment practices
-Art and expressive art modalities
-Sharing, reflection and witnessing 

Dates + Times:

July 3, 17 + 21 from 6-8pm



1170 Broad Street, Regina


$60/session or $150 for all 3 sessions

Covered by most insurance company

Facilitated by:

Kayley Murdoch-Brace

Masters-level counselling student and fellow teacher

Kellsey Calhoon

Registered Psychologist, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Art Therapist and Yoga Teacher


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