If you are feeling depressed, disheartened, down, stuck, dispirited, disconnected, lonely, stagnant or low energy, this series may be for you.

This series includes six 90-minute classes. 

In these classes, we will spend time doing breathwork, writing, movement and yoga poses that help us move out of our head and into our body. We will seek to balance the nervous system and release stuck/stagnant emotions and energy.

The intention of this class is in the title: for you to feel lifted up (by your own energy source + by the community).

No prior yoga experience necessary.

Time & Dates:



1170 Broad Street, Regina (in person)
At The Heart Center


*Covered by most insurance providers
*Please inquire about scholarship or sliding scale options if in need. 

Limited space.
Attendance in all 6 classes is requested. No drop-ins.

Facilitated by:

Kellsey Calhoon, Registered Psychologist and Yoga Teacher

Please complete the form below, or e-mail us at contact@thishumanthing.com,  if you are interested in signing up, or would like more info!

I am interested in:

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