Yoga, Art & Psychotherapy for Anxiety Group

This 6-week group offers yoga asana (physical poses), art, breathwork, education and process work/sharing to help manage and relieve anxiety.

No prior yoga or art experience necessary.

More details to come.

Why Yoga for Anxiety? Here are just a few reasons:

– Yoga, meditation, mindfulness and breathwork have been found to play significant roles in regulating our stress response, or the parasympathetic nervous system. It can help bring us out of “Fight or Flight” mode back into safety and connection with ourselves and others.

– Anxiety is not who we are, but rather a powerful emotional pattern. Yoga can support us in resetting our emotional wiring and building new body experiences. 

 – Anxiety tends to be future-oriented. Yoga, meditation, mindfulness and breathwork are practices that bring us into the present moment, returning us to our bodies and helping us find safety and trust within.

– Yoga addresses the mind-body relationship. So often we may have a relaxed body, and a jacked-up mind, or vice versa. Yoga helps to support muscular relaxation while also lowering the emotional reactivity of the mind, and bring the body and mind into harmony.

– Present-moment awareness allows us to become more aware of the unpleasant sensations in our body and the automatic thinking patterns of our mind. The practice of yoga helps us to increase our tolerance for the discomfort of our sensations or emotions, and helps us learn how to step out of negative and unhelpful thinking patterns.

Please complete the form below, or e-mail us at,  if you are interested in joining the waitlist for this group, or would like us to send you more details once available!

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